Grateful Review of 2013

Jan. 2013

As much as possible this year I have tried to live and enjoy each day as it comes. Looking for the good in the moment is my most helpful new way of living. That, and trying to quiet my mind so I can listen. Listening to my inner voice. I have found when I do, it pretty much leads me in the way I want to go. I would like to share my good days with you.

A few years back I was accepted into an artist matching funds program called Assets for Artists. I started the year having met the matching funds goal and in order to receive the total amount I had to write a business plan as to how I would use them. So I decided that I would add Paint & Wine classes to my business. I had been watching the growing popularity for over 5 years coming up from the south and kept hearing that inner voice saying jump into the river Colleen! So I did and I started YES to Art & Wine. I have met so many new people and have opened the world of art to them. People who have never painted before are now signing up for multiple classes. This has also increased my gross income by 27%!! That is an amazing increase for one year and I am so grateful!! I also donated $1 for every student to our YES to Art Scholarship Fund and have raised $400 to help students who need help with their class fees. This holiday season I decided to sell my demo paintings and start the “Grapeseed Fund” and we gave $275 to a single mom in need.

yes to art wine logo

This year I am so proud to have been recognized for outstanding achievement and inspiring leadership as a nominee for Entrepreneur of the Year in Enterprise Bank’s Celebration of Excellence. As an artist this meant so much to be recognized as an entrepreneur. I love breaking down the stereotypical ways in which artists are viewed and I am grateful to have enjoyed this celebration together with my pairs.

On the personal side I am grateful for the chance to have traveled to new places and enjoyed being with family.
Rob and I went to Turks and Caicos for a wonderful 6 days (Christmas gift).

Amazing Water

Amazing Turquoise Water

And for my Birthday Rob took me to Martha’s Vineyard (first time)

Marthas Vinyard

Marthas Vinyard

I rented a cottage for a week in Biddeford Pool and had all my kids together.



Spent a week on Lopez Island, WA with Rob’s family

Lopez Island

Lopez Island

Enjoyed Lake Winnisquam with my parents, sisters and brothers, nephews and nieces. Girls weekend away in Maine.
My beautiful niece, Allison got married. Bought my daughter, Johanna’s wedding dress (wedding in May 2014). Enjoyed my two Grandsons.

Looking forward to enjoying everyday this year!


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