Desire, Ask, Believe, Receive


“Artists are visionaries. We routinely practice a form of faith, seeing clearly and moving toward a creative goal that shimmers in the distance – often visible to us, but invisible to those around us.”  – Julia Cameron

I am reading a book right now called “The Artist’s Way”. It is taking me on a spiritual path to higher creativity (or so it claims on the cover). It is a 12 week course or journey I am excited to be in the midst of. One of the exercises I have committed to do each day is what is called Morning Pages journaling. Each day I get myself up early to write three pages of whatever I wish to write about. The pages are only meant for me and no one else. Three pages is a lot! Some days it just flows and others, not so much. But here is the interesting thing I am discovering in just two weeks; I am getting unstuck! One day I wrote about something I was imagining someone was thinking of me. I mean I was totally making it up in my head. When I wrote it out in my journal and saw how I had made it all up, I decided to rewrite a new, nicer, kinder, story to myself. Within the hour I got a call from this person that shared with me something that was very close to my nicer, kinder story. Hum, maybe there is something to these “Morning Pages”? 

Each day whatever I write about, something, in some way, comes into my life to bring clarity or a new kind of freedom. “Desire, ask, believe, receive.” Is a line from the Artists Way that I would like to share my thoughts on.

Desire: We all have desires. That deep inner desire to do something that will bring fulfillment to our lives. Maybe you would like to live on a lake and have an art studio. You may have always wanted to learn to play a musical instrument or learn to paint. Or maybe you would love to travel to far-away places you have never been. What is your desire? This week take some time to write down some of your desires. Even if they sound silly and your mind wants to say “You can’t do that”, write it down anyway.

Ask: It’s as simple as that! Or maybe for you it’s as hard as that. If it is hard, ask yourself why? Write it out. When we ask for what we want it is an action toward our desire. You may be saying, Ask who? I just throw it out there, first, into the universe. Saying it out loud makes it more real. You may ask God. You may ask a person who has already done what you want to do. Get advice. Sometimes I just start talking about it to friends, family and anyone who seems like they may have good insight.

Believe: What do you believe around the thing that you desire? Write out your beliefs. You may be surprised by what comes to the surface. Fears come out. Look at the fear. Question the fear. Question your belief around the fear. Where did this fear come from? When did you start believing the thoughts that are holding you back? Did your mom or dad have a belief that you have taken on that no longer serves you? It’s ok to let go of old beliefs for new ones. There are things I use to believe that I no longer believe. Getting to the truth, your truth is an act of faith.

Receive: For some of us, it is easier to give than to receive. But when we walk down this amazing path of desire, ask, believe, the most natural thing to do next is to receive. If I walk into a bakery, ask the baker for some bread, believing he has the best bread in town; it would be silly for me to turn down or not receive the loaf of delicious bread he hands me. Yet we ask for what we desire, the universe shows up to give it to us and we turn it down. Why? I believe it has to do with our beliefs. For example: Let me ask you, “What are your beliefs about artists?” Do you subscribe to “the starving artist” belief? How about “artists are a little crazy” belief? Or “artists do their best work when they are blue” belief? I say question your beliefs. See if they are true. Ask why you believe that it is true. Inquiry is the road to personal truth

Here is what I believe about artists:  “Artists are visionaries. We routinely practice a form of faith, seeing clearly and moving toward a creative goal that shimmers in the distance – often visible to us, but invisible to those around us.” 


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