Friendship Wisdom 101


I enjoyed a “Sister Birthday Night Out” last week with my two beautiful sisters. My older sister and I are September girls. I feel so blessed to have two sisters that are also my dearest friends. I love them from my soul. My eyes and heart fill up even just typing this now. We have shared a life time of everything together. I am their biggest fan and they are mine. Their homes are filled with “Colleen Art”. Some they have paid me to do for them, insisting on supporting my talent. As I handed my sister her birthday gift I said, Please let me know when I have given you too much art”. They both said in unison “Never!” As we sat and got caught up on each of our children’s lives, we began to talk about friendship. That conversation has inspired me to share what I have found over the years that I will call “Friendship Wisdom 101”.

Be your own best friend. When you like being with you, so will others. Also it is always good to ask yourself, when going through a difficult time, “What would I tell me, if I were my best friend?” It is amazing how quickly the answer will come.
Invest time! When I say invest time, I mean make the time. We can busy our lives with “things & stuff”, when in reality if we look at how we spend our time watching TV or on the internet and add up those hours, we will find the time to spend with a friend. I have a group of woman (seven of us) who go out once a month at 2:00 PM on a Sunday afternoon. Last year we planned a weekend away and had a blast! My older sister has had “Wild Woman Weekends” with a group of her high school friends for over 35 years now and they are the best of friends.
Listen to your inner voice. When I listen to my inner voice regarding friends I never go wrong. Sometimes it’s just seeing something that reminds you of them and you give them a call or shoot them a text. Sometimes I will get a thought to send a card and when I listen, it is exactly what they needed that day. They got a tooth pulled and you check up on them. She lost her mom and you go over and clean her home. You see some earrings and the inner voice says buy them for your friend just because.
Trustworthy. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Need I say more?
Always stay current. Clear the air. If something happens that hurts your feelings, go right to the source. This one thing will make for a stronger friendship. DON’T talk it out with your other friends; DO talk it out with the friend it has to do with.
Tell your needs. Some of you may have no problem with this, but if you are anything like me, this is good advice. I am a the-cup-is-half-full kind of person. I tend to be the one that is encouraging others and sometimes my friends forget that I too need encouragement. I did this recently with a friend and I discovered when I told her I needed to hear her encouragement sometimes, she was so happy to hear that I needed her like she needed me. That was a big ahha moment for me.

Who are your friends? I believe we all have different kinds of friends. Some are closer than others. Some you can laugh and cry with, while others we see every so often and simply enjoy the time we do have. The key is this; know what kind of a friendship it is and give your time accordingly.


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