Happy Birthday to ME!

ImageLast night I went to bed about 11:30 pm and at exactly 12 midnight my phone sounded that I had a incoming text. At first I was not going to get it, being I was half asleep, but then I got up wondering if all was OK with any and all my loved ones. I smiled when I read, “Happy birthday mom!!!!! Love youuuuu<3:D woooooooooo mom mom mom!” from my 18 yr old son in the next room who had waited up to be the first to send me a happy birthday. I woke up this morning at 6:30 had some breakfast and took myself to the gym. As I walked out the door of my apt.I said “Happy Birthday to ME!” Starting my 55th year taking better care of me is my #1 goal. While on the eliptical my phone rings, I answer and my sister is singing happy birthday to me and telling me how much I am loved. She asks what I have planned for the day and I say not much, driving my son to and from work, working at gallery,  teaching a class tonight. We plan a sisters night out for next week and I walk into my apt. to my sweetheart standing up with his arms open saying, “Yeah! Happy Birthday girl!” He gives me the best hug and I rush to get dressed quick to make a 9 am nail appointment (and it is 8:30) As I do this, everywhere I turn there are 5×7 cards with hearts and words on them like, “Creative You” “Beautiful You” “Laughing You” and more! Now I am giggling. My son is in the bathroom and I knock to come in with him as he is getting ready for college classes, we stand side by side in mirror getting ready and then he grabs me and hugs me and says he loves me, then he says you don’t need to pick me up after work I got a friend to get me. As I am leaving Rob offers his time in my day and next thing I know he is going to give Dave a ride to work and come meet me for a late lunch. I grab my purse and find yet another love note and rush to my car (with a smile on my face) for I now have 15 min. to get to my appointment in morning rush hour traffic. At this point I give it over to God and say part the way for me and He did. I arrived exactly at 9 am on the dot! I have a wonderful time with my friend and nail artist (of 11 years). Lavender nails today! I get to my gallery and bump into a friend coming out of one of the other offices, who hugs me and congratulates me for getting voted Billerica’s Woman of the Year in front of my mail lady, who then tells me how much I do in this community and deserve it. I then sit down in my gallery, take a deep breath, sip my pumpkin DD coffee and open my Facebook to find 70 Happy Birthdays on my page and it was only 10:30 in the morning. Even as I sit here in write this birthday blog my phone is going off with love messages and future birthday get together plans texting back and forth.

I started my day thinking I didn’t have much planned for my birthday today except life as usual. Turns out life as usual for me has reaped all the love I have sown and then some. I am truly grateful and blessed beyond measure and I just wanted to share that with you!


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