Be Still and Know


I have a dear friend whom I have known for thirty-eight years. We have been there for each other, through jobs, marriages, babies, moves, divorce and deaths. We have laughed and cried together. She just bought a house and needed help with painting, so I offered my skills.

It was a rainy morning when I showed up at her new house in my painting clothes and with one look, I could see that she was stressed as she sat in her car smoking a cigarette that I thought she had given up. I could feel myself go to a place of peace as I hugged her. I became present to the moment and as we entered her kitchen, she turned to me and asked me to pray with her. We held each other while she prayed and I agreed that all was well. At that moment everything shifted and no matter what came up for the day, like the toilets not working, the paint being the wrong paint, the floor guys finishing the work so she could move in, they all got resolved within a short amount of time. We enjoyed each other, we shared our dreams, and we danced and laughed as each mini victory happened through out the day.

Prayer has changed over the years. I use to think that my purpose in prayer was to change God’s mind to what I wanted. However, I now see that it is more for me to come into alignment with God’s heart and mind. So when my friend and I prayed it set us in a listening mode or a flow of being in tune to the good in this wonderful life. Now when I pray it is more about listening than it is about speaking. This changes prayer from an event to an everyday awareness of the present moment. And this my friends is where all the magic happens. God is no long out there, He is now in here, in you, in me.

This week I would like you to try something new. When you pray try being still and just listen. “Be still and know that I am God.” is one of my favorite scripture verses. When I say this it has two, yet one meaning. Let me explain; I can say it as if God is saying it to me or I can say the same words as if I am saying it to myself. The second way might make you squirm a little just reading it, never mind saying it out loud to yourself! Let me suggest that if God is everywhere, including in you and me, then it stands to reason that God and I are one. If God and I are one, then I can stand knowing this and be still and know that I and God “am”. If this is true then prayer is being still and simply knowing.


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