Painting #22 Lucky Number 7

One of my favorite games growing up was “The Game of Life”. As I went around the board I would put my money on lucky number 7 and sometimes win. Then, as I got older, I stopped believing in luck and my new belief was that 7 was a heavenly number and I would still play the number, now with my kids, in “The Game of Life” and sometimes win. So, what do I believe now? Everyday is a gift and that if I’m lucky enough to enjoy each day, 7 days a week, then I’m lucky enough in this game of life! Enjoy the day.


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One response to “Painting #22 Lucky Number 7

  • Bobbi

    This one makes we want to run down to the pier and find some floating boats! And it’s so warm, there might even be some. Beautifully painted, lovely palette. We recently cleaned out our shed to make room for a new one, and took our collection of lobster pots to the dump. So sad! And I remember painting one of them red and green, hanging it on the shed door on a wreath. One of our lobstering neighbors said he almost drove off the road laughing when he saw it.

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