The New Golden Rule

I read a quote today claiming to be the new golden rule for women: “We must do unto ourselves as we would do for others.”

Let that sink in. Meditate on that for a bit and if you are a women reading this you will know that if we ever would take care of ourselves like we take care of our families, friends and even co-workers we just may find peace and true happiness but most of all we would find self-love.

If you notice, the new golden rule does not say take care of yourself at the expense of others nor does it say take care of yourself, then take care of others. I can feel your hearts finding relief in my just pointing that out. So what does it mean?

For me it means asking others for help. I find I am the first to help others and yet the last to ask for others help. I am becoming aware of how much I limit myself by doing this. By not asking for help, I limit all the options that are out there in the universe just waiting to come my way and I rob others of the joy of helping me. With awareness comes the grace to change how we do things. For until we see, how can we change?

Maybe, for you, asking for help comes easy and the place that you struggle with is forgiving yourself. You may be quite willing to forgive others but forgiving yourself is another thing altogether. Alternatively, maybe you would buy anything for your loved ones but spending money on yourself is the last thing you do. If any of these things ring true to you, I ask you to try something new. Go out and buy something for yourself, just because. Let yourself off the hook for the unforgivable you have committed and ask for help just because you can! Loving ourselves will result in loving others….trust me on this one!


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3 responses to “The New Golden Rule

  • Rob Kanzer

    Nice. Thank you Colleen for being the Voice of Love

  • Do

    Wonderful words of wisdom Col. Thank you. I agree that if we deny ourselves for the wrong reasons, we can become sad and bitter, hence, all our good deeds and giving become jaded. The joy in giving can turn sour for it not being returned to you. I was just told this by someone I love…that I give, but I’m unhappy because I expect something in return, and am disappointed when it’s not reciprocated.

    • Colleen Sgroi

      Words of wisdom right back at you…..It is so true. I think our beliefs some times confine us. “Give and it will be given unto us” for example. If we open ourselves to giving and recieving at its core, it is pure love. When we give from pure love we will receive love in return. Thank you for your love my friend.

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